Double Veil

I recently performed at Saddleback College, I danced with Double Veil technique to the song Unveiled from Angelika Nemeth’s CD

Double Veil

I’m currently working on choreography for dance shows performed by dancers of the CSUF Belly Dance Club that I started this school year. I go over drills and explain basic belly dance moves during our meetings before we work on the choreography. We plan to invite other teachers for dance workshops once we get more organized. I also finally got sticks for my Isis wings :D Now to work on a Sword piece, Wing piece and an awesome Drum Solo :D


intro about my dance and i

I have been belly dancing for several years, this is is the journal of my dance.

self portrait :)

self portrait that i took

I do belly dance with Egyptian, Lebanese, and American Fusion influences. My teachers are Angelika Nemeth & Tina Enheduanna. I have also taken classes and workshops from Jenna, Veronika Marshman, Nicole Mclaren, Helena Vlahos, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappel, and Feiruz Aram. I study videos from Sadie Marquardt, Jillina, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, and Irina Akulenko. I also watch belly dance videos from dancers all around the world in order to incorporate their elements of belly dance into my style. I am also watching “classic” videos of dancers from the era of black and white film.

Other than dance, i have a background in photography & fine art.

Here is a video of me performing a veil piece in July 2013

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