Flexibility Work Out!

Today is the first time i ever worked up a sweat Stretching!!! the dvd by Kristina Nekyia: Fit & Bendy FINALLY arrived (after it got lost in the mail and i had to contact the seller and request help) and i tried it out earlier tonight as a “light” flexibility training routine, well it warmed up my muscles Real well, got me to work up a sweat, and allowed me to stretch Further than usual :D

i am closer to the left and right splits, and when i do middle splits stretching (where i’m sitting on the floor), my stomach touched the ground for the first time!!! YAY!! my arms also felt A Lot better when following her strengthening and stretching guides, i have a knot in my right shoulder muscle that always got irritated when i stretched on my own (when pulling my right leg in mermaid position), but following Nekyia allowed me to stretch my leg without straining that shoulder!

I totally recommend this dvd for anyone who wants tips on Safe Stretching … FYI before using this DVD i would tear muscles while stretching (and moving) … i tore a hamstring so badly once that it took around a year and a half to heal, And i’v pulled thigh muscles dancing with cold muscles and … gotten quadriceps tendinitis MULTIPLE times from just Standing up when my muscles were cold … its Ridiculous how easily i get injured …

dance goal note:

  • to be able to pick up a sword via back bending to the floor and bending back up :D (i’v seen a video of another belly dancer doing this)