Today i realized that there is no instantaneous success; i must fail over and over until my body of work and the network it is connected to, are both so immense that success is eminent.
Behind each magical success is a long story of hard work and failure.

Flying away into the sky,
the windmills pick me up with the spin of their turbines and I soar.



starting physical therapy

started physical therapy this week, saw immediate improvement in my mobility which was Great! i also went to the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive this weekend to volunteered, test out my mobility, and try dancing. It was Wonderful and totally unexpected! i was going to cancel until a dancer friend introduced me to carpoolers and room mates who were competition winners and GREAT PEOPLE!
Roses of the Night

Something unexpected that i’m working on in my physical therapy is Muscle Atrophy … it sounds scarier than it actually is … which is not scary at all, just odd and not very noticeable.

Btw i updated my cooking blog twice this week so go take a look!

Dark Moon Bakery