back to being a soloist

i left roses for Personal time management reasons. They are a wonderful troupe and i encourage everyone to either hire or join them!


Competing as a member of Roses of the Night

In December 2014 I joined the Troupe Roses of the Night and on February 14, 2015 we competed in the Dance Group category of the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition.
Here is a photo of our troupe:
Roses of the Night BDUC 2015

We didn’t place but it was a wonderful experience, and fellow troupe member Pranali won Third Runner Up in the Drum Solo category! Cheers to Pranali!! Please contact Roses of the Night to book her for your next show!

Being in a professional dance troupe and competing with them has marked a major milestone in my dance career. I am proud of myself for overcoming a serious injury, and dancing despite of the fact that i still have a torn ACL. Performing with them has inspired me to become more active within the dance community; so expect more updates about where i’l be dancing!