Instructional Video on How to do a Belly Roll

Hello everyone! I just made a video on how to do a belly roll and here it is on youtube!

I explain how to do a belly roll with visualization. There are many explanations online and the ones that other teachers talk about, which involve separating the abs and moving them independently did not work for me. I taught myself how to do a belly roll by imagining that I was squeezing a ball down my stomach. I imagine that there is a ball inside my stomach, starting right where my ribs meet my sternum, and I try to squeeze it down to my lower belly where the pelvis is. For a reverse belly roll I imagine that the ball is where my uterus is (pelvic area for men :P ) and squeeze it up into my ribs.

An exercise I like to do that helps with articulating the ab muscles, toning them, and figuring out where they are and how to use them is nauli. I learned how to do this from Yogi Nora‘s video here:

Performance Info

  • I will be performing on Sunday at Bruce’s Prime Rib and Spirits, located at 12623 E Imperial Hwy, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 sometime between 5-7pm with many other belly dancers in the American Fusion Belly Dance Showcase

Happy Dancing!


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