Personal Growth and Fitness through “belly dance”

Tiazza Rose of Free Belly Dance Classes posted this wonderful article on her facebook page about 9 Reasons Every Woman Should Take Up Belly Dancing and i enjoyed it so much that i had to share and also talk about my love of dance!

I really connect to many of Carol E Wyer‘s points. It is a fun feminine way to exercise while moving to music. The costumes are gorgeous and fun to oogle at (had to stop myself from buying those gorgeous pieces of art). There is a huge variety of movements, styles and combos to learn : Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, American, Fusion, it goes on. Belly Dance has become internationally renown it is very inspiring to see conventions, performers and teachers located all over the globe, spanning All seven continents. Attending belly dance conventions is ridiculously fun! And most of all, I felt comfortable and supported in an environment with other women who were also taking dance class for fun, fitness and enjoyment.

I enjoy dancing, sharing dance, and creating a supportive environment. I have taken breaks from “belly dance” when the stresses of life overwhelmed me or when it felt too competitive. I came back after realizing that I dance for enjoyment and not to compete, it is not for me to compete in this area. I will probably write another article about my journey away from competition, how I found myself and allowed myself to return to belly dance.

Also, I totally recommend going to Tiazza’s Free Belly Dance Page, she is a wonderful teacher and her site is an Amazing resource that is meant to be shared!


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