My Favorite Online Resources for Belly Dance Technique

Performing at Bruce’s was Great! It was Wonderful meeting and chatting with all the other dancers while watching all their fun performances!

FYI I am not teaching dance classes as this point and have decided to keep belly dance fun for me. So I work other freelance projects for income. I look forward to enjoying my dance by spending time with the dance family instead of trying to monetize this art form. I keep up my practice at home with video classes and also physical classes with Master Teachers where the dance family congregates, practices and shares our experiences.

Edit: I may teach classes in the future. I have come to realize that my style of teaching is technique and drill based; with a focus on proper body isolations and muscle movements before moving into “dancing”.

So here are my favorite online resources for belly dance Technique:

  • by Tiazza Rose, already wrote about this, but hey, i LOVE her site!!! The style she teaches is most similar to “Cabaret” ie what is considered traditional belly dance
  • Datura Online Quality classes on modern Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style, LOTS of different fusions, from Indian dance, to Samba and MORE. Dancers: Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Sedona Soulfire, April Rose and MORE just go to the site and Check It Out!!
  • Class Bonanza on ANYTHING you want to study!!! I take classes from Sadie here. She watches her page very well and will notify her students and refund if there are any changes to her schedule. Not all the teachers are that responsible so make sure the teacher is present and actually using powhow … i’d go look at their personal website or facebook page. I have signed up and paid for classes that never happened.
  • YOUTUBE : doesn’t need a link because you know what this is

I highly recommend that you pair this with physical classes from a teacher who can correct you and also give you recommendations. I’m not going to list teachers here because there are Way too many, every community center and community college in my county and ALL those around it have belly dance classes. I think they are all wonderful and if you are serious about taking classes you would take the time to go look for them on your own.
You can also go to a privately owned dance studio for belly dance classes And there are so many that i am not going to bother listing them for people who aren’t serious enough to click on the search bar and type in “belly dance classes” along with their city and or county.

Happy Dancing!


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