Competing at Belly Dancer of the Universe 2016 and Teaching

I has been a while since I last updated. First I was busy training for Belly Dancer of the Universe, fixing costumes, and creating choreography. Then I went directly into working more, applying for jobs, and placing a foundation for online work. Photos from BDUC 2016 just arrived! So I am now working on getting a new promotional dance video filmed. I plan to offer instructional choreography in the future.

I am Also preparing to teach themed dance classes:

  • Elegance & Poise through Oriental Belly Dance Through a combination of Egyptian Raqs Shakir (Oriental Dance) and Chinese Dance aesthetics, we will bring awareness to posture, increase our range of motion, and improve our balance. This is a good class for beginners and people who spend a big portion of their day sitting at a desk.
  • Body Awareness & Muscle Control with Belly Dance Technique A total body workout where we isolate specific parts of our body to bring awareness to the muscles and train them to move more. This increases range of motion and allows for more awareness of our body mechanics and more control of our movement. This is great for people with experience in some type of movement activity such as dance, yoga, or martial arts.


i realized that i REALLY enjoy Dance Competitions! I love watching the other competitors, as we all work towards the goal of elevating our dance technique and cheering each other on! I love getting critiques on my dance performance and style that help me improve my movement! My goal is to continue competing and work at attaining awards that reflect my level of dance.

double veil

Taxsim photo

In regards to “performing [at restaurants]”, let’s just say I live somewhere FULL of dancers who LOVE performing and I don’t want to compete with their love of being in the spotlight :)


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