Inspired Dance Combos!

I love coming up with fun new combos and choreography inspired by dancers whom i have taken classes from, or just enjoy watching. I recently read an article that mentioned Kitty Flotsaty, as well as the many social issues surrounding belly dance regarding the appropriation of the female body which affect the public’s opinion on this dance form.

Notes on Belly Dance is a wonderfully enlightening article written by a Cairo based Ismail Fayed and translated by Amira Elmasry. Give that a read to find out more about the chaos and conflict surrounding belly dance in Egypt along with notes about this dance form’s history and evolution.

This fun combo also incorporates movements i learned from Sadie Marquardt and Ruby Beh. Thanks to those wonderful dancers for teaching and inspiring all of us. Also Thanks to Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech for providing royalty free music that is free to download!

The combo consists of:

  • Hip bump (2 counts) 1 big hip drop (2 counts)
  • two small hip drops while rotating (2 counts)
  • omi/ami + stomach roll up while arms go up (2)
  • 2 big body undulations (2 counts)
  • 2 camels while stepping backwards (2 counts)

Let me know if you perform this or put it into some choreography, i love seeing how people mix different dance movements and combos with their selection of music. If you perform this for a public stage performance please credit me somehow, like when someone compliments you about this specific combo, let them know you got it from me.

I have taken workshops from Sadie in person and continue to take her classes virtually via Powhow. I purchased several of Ruby‘s DVDs from Cheeky Girls, I would Love to take some in person classes from Ruby sometime.

♪ The music clip inserted into my video is from the song
Balzan Groove by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

(go check out his site if you need some free royalty free music, And remember to read the FAQ so you know how to properly use and credit his music)

Here is a clip of Kitty Flotsaty dancing 😄 to inspire You!

Happy Dancing! 💗

PS For the cute ascii symbol codes look at


Protecting the knees with leg strengthening

I often meet people who have to adjust their exercise to fit knees that have some issues. I myself have a torn ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) in one of my knees, it is one of the major ligaments that stabilizes the knee joint. The doctors all told me that surgery is optional because I can still walk and do activity that does involve jumping high up in the air and spinning and or kicking, which is what got me injured in the first place. So i decided not to have my good knee cut into because there was No Cartilage damage. Whereas in my bad knee my ligaments are all functional, but it hurts & gets stiff easily, i often pop it to get adjust the joint into a more suitable position. Despite of all this, i continue to be active. In fact, being active is Good for my body! I have more flexible joints and thus get joint injuries easier, in face, i’v gotten quadriceps tendinitis a few years in a row in my bad knee from just standing up while my muscles were cold AND i had been inactive that season. When i’m Active, i don’t get silly injuries from standing up. I also have several other minor wear and tear injuries on my feet and shoulders but this post is about KNEES.

I do physical therapy and work out my legs on a regular basis to strengthen my leg muscles and Protect my knees. I normally do leg lift variations while using a mat, like these:

3 min Sleek & Slim Legs

Perfect Legs Workout (15 min)

A couple days ago i added this one:
Ultimate Hot Body Work Out

And today, when i did weighted leg lifts, my legs were Distinctly stronger and my thighs didn’t get sore at All when i did leg lifts with 16lbs tide to my ankles! I have also been working out for a week with Cassie Ho’s Blogliates Videos and using her April workout calendar so I think that also added to it :P

You need a password to access her monthly calendar, but i noticed her Special Challenges while typing this post and i’m going to sign up for her Sleek Arms Challenge because having stronger arms is just Awesome and i want to see if i can see any tone in my arms.

So enjoy some of Cassie Ho’s Blogilates Videos and have a Great Weekend!