Returning to Dance Performances with Shimmy Showcase of Long Beach!

The featured photo is of me standing in front of Viento y Agua‘s sign thing, this establishment has been nice enough to let the showcase run there for several years.

I have returned to belly dance after a much needed break. Other than my ankle starting to hurt for no reason in June after trying a new Simple workout series for a month, and all that other stuff that happened before. I re-kindled my love of belly dance by going to Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp where i [wore an ankle brace everyday and] had the opportunity to perform to a beautiful live improvised taxim! Then today i performed at Shimmy Showcase of Long Beach where i was also able to meet many other dancers and watch their beautiful performances!

I picked a really short two and a half minute song which also happens to be a favorite of mines, Hit the Bottles, where Susu Pampanin taps on glass! She happened to be teaching two classes at Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp so I was able to ask her about this song and she told me about how it was a random thing that happened when the entire band had packed up when the restaurant they were at had gotten ready to close, but some customers(??maybe i forgot exactly what she said) still wanted to hear some music, so Susu took out some glass bottles and started tapping on them. She also explained that one song is named Box of Toys because she is literally playing with items from her box of percussion toys. The glass song is very unique and different, and when they played the song at Shimmy Showcase, the speaker system had some setting that made it sound Completely different from what it had sounded like on my computer! So I was unable to go along with my choreography (that I had come up with last minute today lol), and thus I danced improv. Next time I will use a more traditional sounding song so that I don’t get this confused. Improv is a nice challenge, however as I am work on improving my performance skill, I want to start with choreographed pieces. I actually used to mostly perform and dance improv due to lack of planning, so I want to change it up and plan choreography more.

There were many beautiful dancers with enjoyable performances and I was unable to meet and photograph all of them, so here are just a few snaps shots of the evening. Abraiha was the coordinator for the evening and here is a photo of her with a friend and fellow dancer May

Abraiha & May

Kendira & Gissel

Kendira & Gissel



Shimmy Showcase of Long Beach occurs on the third Saturday of each month from 6:30-8pm at Viento y Agua Coffee House located at 4007 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814. So stop by sometime and check it out!


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