Video of the Week! How the Ancient Art of Belly Dance Captured the American Imagination


I remember researching about the how Belly Dance has been translated into American culture, mixed with history, Orientalism, Sensationalism, and Hollywood Glamour. Then how American Belly Dance started influencing the dancers in the Middle East. It was a long research paper and I love how this video summarizes major concepts in a short TWO Minutes!

Happy Dancing!


Video of the Week! Male Body Builders Trying Belly Dance

There are so many fun videos online that I have decided to start a Video of the Week series. The Amusing Video of This Week is Buzzfeed’s Body Buidlers Trying Belly Dance for the first time:

This is not just entertaining, but also shows some of the frustrations that beginning belly dance students have, such as not being able to move as fluidly as they want to. However, practice makes perfect and as we keep dancing and drilling certain movements, muscles areas that are used specifically for belly dance will become more responsive and easier to control.

❤ Happy Dancing!