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    I do belly dance with Egyptian, Lebanese, and American Fusion influences. My teachers are Angelika Nemeth & Tina Enheduanna. I have also taken classes and workshops from Sadie Marquardt, Zadiel, Tito Seif, Ziva Emtiyaz, Nadira Jamal, Ava Fleming, Princess Farhana, Karim Nagi, Issam Houshan, Jenna, Veronika Marshman, Nicole Mclaren, Helena Vlahos, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappel, and Feiruz Aram. I study videos from Ruby, Sonia Ochoa, Michelle Joyce, Jillina, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, and Irina Akulenko. I also watch belly dance videos from dancers all around the world in order to incorporate their elements of belly dance into my style.

Other than dance, I have a background in photography, fine art, digital media & web design, and martial arts
My main site is Umbra Solis Lux Lunae

I am founder and former President of the CSUF Belly Dance Club.

Most current dance reel:


2016 August, Shimmy Showcase
2015 February, Belly Dancer of the Universe : Dance Group Category as a member of Roses of the Night
2014 June, Veil Taxim at Shimmy Showcase Victorian Theme

2014 May 10, choreographed and performed Polynesian Fusion dance and drum solo pieces with the CSUF belly dance club at Art Crawl Experience of Anaheim
2014 April 16, performed improvised Belly Dance with double veil at Earth Week at CSUF

2014 April 14, performed Belly Dance with the CSUF belly dance club for Arts Week
2014 April 12, performed improvised Belly Dance with double veil and zills and coordinated the CSUF Belly Dance club performance for Welcome to CSUF Day
2014 April 12, performed three Chinese dances : fan, ribbon and umbrella with dance teams at the Association of Chinese Students‘ [of CSUF] Culture Night
2014 March, choreographed and performed Egyptian style Belly Dance and drum solo pieces with the CSUF Belly Dance Club at the Spring Celebration hosted by Planetshakers UNICEF to promote the UNICEF tap project
2013 Sept-November, Promoted for Planetshakers UNICEF at CSUF
2013 July-August performed with Spyglass Dance Troupe

Class/Workshop Bucketlist:

  • July 2016 Mendocino Middle Eastern Music & Dance Camp
    • Lebanese Belly Dance Classes with Samira
    • Drum Solo classes with Susu Pampanin and another teacher who’s name I forgot <_<
    • Stylizations with Ma’Shuqa whom I also took private lessons with later on
    • Turkish Belly Dance with Ruby Beh
  • February 2016 – Gigi Dilsah : Drum Solo to Turkish Romany style 9/8 rhythm
  • June 2015 – dance workshops taught by Tito Seif
  • October 2014 – Music Literacy with Karim Nagi
  • September 2014 – 9/8 Karsilama with Nadirah Jamal
  • July 2014

  • Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp

    • Zadiel : one week of his Turkish Oriental choreography and drum solo classes
    • Ziva Emtiyaz : one week of her drum solo class she co-taught with Zadiel
    • One week of Turkish Darbuka taught by Ali, and beginner Tabla taught by Faisal Zedan
    • Karim Nagi : 4 days of finger cymbals classes
    • Shoshanna : 4 days of taxim and veil classes
  • June 2014

    • Karim Nagi : Raqs Assaya workshop
    • Ava Fleming – Liquid Taxim & Smooth Transitions workshop
    • Princess Farhana & Issam Houshan – Drum Solo workshop
  • July 2013 – July 2014 Belly Dance Classes with Tina Enheduanna in Laguna Hills
  • 2013 – workshops with Jenna (sword + cabaret), Helena Vlahos, Nicole Mclaren (whirling), some Tribal Style classes with Veronika Marshman
    Participation in 3 Chinese dance teams, learning choreography with fan, ribbon and umbrella
  • January – May 2014 : Maori and Hawaiian dance instruction at Orange Coast College
  • September 2013 – May 2014 : Belly Dance Classes with Angelika Nemeth at Orange Coast College
  • September – December 2003 : Beginning Belly Dance class with Angelika Nemeth at Irvine Valley College

double veil


2 thoughts on “my dance and i

  1. Spring says:

    I am interested in taking your belly dance class.
    Do you have any detail class information ?

    Thank you

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