Fun Belly Dance Intro piece to add to your performance!

Hello everyone! I found this nice royalty free song courtesy of Lion Free Music and I decided to create a fun Modern Belly Dance Choreography to it that you can easily add to your own performance.

So here it is:

If you do add this into a performance, send me a video so I can see what it looks like! I Love to see what other dancers create!

I really like royalty free music and I am currently looking for tracks which have Arabic Drumming and Rhythms on it so that I can choreograph something with more drum solo style movements. So far I have only found lots of very stereotypical sounding music that are Royalty Free. If you are a musician and will give me permission to use your music, let me know so I can create fun choreographies to share!


PS Happy Dancing!


Instructional Belly Dance Video : Sword

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last posted. I have been working on dance troupe auditions and other aspects of life along with new videos!

I decided to create a video with my Favorite prop: the Balancing Sword! In my video I talk about getting used to the Sword and learning how to dance with it balanced on your head.

Let me know if this video was able to help you. Also stay tuned for Sword Dance Choreography to the song heard in the background of this video!

Till next time, Happy Dancing!

Elegant and Fluid Arm Movements and Dancing to the Music Within

Emotions direct our arms as we dance to the music within us ♥

In this Video I talk about how to create fluid and elegant arm movements to go with our dance.
Move the arms slowly and with energy as if pushing through water. Swim with your arms. Swim to the music within and around us.

When in doubt, either keep your arms in place or move them Slowly.

Belly Dance Intro/Mejanse Combo with Optional Veil

This video teaches you a Sashay and Spin combo that is good for moving across the floor in an Intro/Mejanse or general movement. You can dance with or without veils, there are many ways to customize this movement. I demonstrate a few in this video.

Let me know if you have any questions! And definitely send me performance videos if you incorporate this move into our dance! I love to see what other dancers are creating!

Dancing with Veil : “the Pizza” in vertical and horizontal

Here I show two of my favorite Veil Dance Moves, “The Pizza” which has two versions: horizontal and vertical.

I also show include a dance combo which incorporates both and blends them together with figure 8’s and spins.

The Difference between an Undulation and a Camel

In this video I explain the difference between an Undulation, or upper body movement, and a Camel, a lower body movement.

I also show different ways to incorporate them into your dance, and a few combos using these two movements.